• Pellet Stove Low Limit F142-22F Fan Snap Disc Switch - NOS

      Replacement exhaust heat sensor / low limit switch. Fits any stove requiring a 3/4", F140 limit switch, including Austroflamm pellet stoves, Whitfield pellet stoves, Lennox, Earth Stove and Breckwell pellet stoves.Switch closes at 142 F and opens at 120 F. Used also as a fan control switch for various furnaces or heaters. $10.0
    • OEM Carrier Bryant Payne Disc Limit Switch L195F HH18HA195A Manual Reset +instr.

      MANUAL RESET. This temperature sensor has a red reset button in the center. It stops the power supply in case of overheating at 195F degrees.It requires a manual reset to allow resuming power. If overheating triggering this sensor, check that the convection or room air blowers are not clogged or failing. Even dirty fan blades or a blocked-up inlet ...  More $27.95
    • Quadrafire 1200 Pellet Stove Limit Snap Disc Switch #3

    • Quadrafire Limit Snap Disc Switch #1 1100i 812-1560

    • Quadrafire Limit Snap Disc Switch #1 800/1000 812-0320

    • Quadrafire Castile Limit Snap Disc Switch #1 - 812-0320 fc

    • Quadrafire Mt Vernon Pellet Stove Limit Snap Disc Switch #2

    • Quadrafire Pellet Stove Limit Snap Disc Switch #3 800/1000/1100i - 812-0340

    • Therm-O-Disc L175 PS-2149 Thermo Limit Control Switch, New

    • Austroflamm Ceramic Low Limit Heat Sensor 140º Degree Disc Switch + Instructions