• Travis Avalon Lopi Stoves 250-00314 Hopper Snap Disk Limit Switch 91-1791 +Instr

      You bid on ONE brand new Hopper Snap Disk for Avalon / Lopi pellet stoves # 250-00314 # 91-1791. This is a new Hopper Snap Disk for all Avalon Lopi pellet stoves. The Hopper Snap Disk allows the auger to run provided that there is enough negative pressure. On a call for heat, the auger feeds pellets only if the Draft Flow Switch (vacuum switch) det ...  More $18.95
    • Coleman Furnace 155 Limit Disc Switch 3500-3151/A

      This is a BRAND NEW 155 degree 1 Pole Limit Switch (L155-55)!! Look at your limit switch and you should find the temperature rating of yours listed on the switch itself!! The Coleman part # on this switch is 3500-3151/A!! These limits go on many other brands as well, esepecially INTERTHERM!! All sales are final and there are no refunds- Thanks for ...  More $14.99
    • Coleman Intertherm L135F 135 Limit Disc Switch 8866-329

      This is a BRAND NEW 135 degree 1 Pole Limit Switch (L135) with a Manual Reset!! It operates the fan in many Coleman, Intertherm, ect Electric Furnaces/Air Handlers!! Look at your fan switch and you should find the temperature rating of yours listed on the switch itself!! The Coleman part # on this switch is 8866-3291!! There is a $4 discount for ea ...  More $19.99
    • OEM Trane American Standard Furnace Disc Limit Switch L225F 08-2719-00 CNT03670

      Brand New Trane / American Standard Disc High Limit Switch rated at 225 Degrees (L225F). The Part number is CNT03670 (also 08-2719-00 & 311779). Partial List of Trane/American Standard Units that use this Item: BAYHTRR105AA BAYHTRR105AB BAYHTRR105AC BAYHTRR108AA BAYHTRR108AB BAYHTRR108AC BAYHTRR110AA BAYHTRR110AB BAYHTRR110AC BAYHTRR114AA BAYHT ...  More $68.98
    • Snap Disc #2 Quadrafire Classic Bay Pellet Stove High Limit Switch +Instruction

      You bid on one brand new QuadraFire Snap Disc, #2 (L200 - High Limit) auto reset. Fits the following stoves: 1200 Classic Bay 1200i Classic Bay Insert 1200 Classic Bay MBK 1200i Classic Bay Insert MBK Quadra-Fire part # SRV230-0900 (old part number 812-3420) Snap disc #2 is located on the back side of the feed drop tube. This safety switch turns th ...  More $16.95
    • Quadra-Fire Pellet Stove Snap Disc Convection Fan Limit Switch SRV230-0060 +inst

      You bid on one NEW Pellet Stove Snap Disc #1 145 for Convection Fan 1/2" Diameter. This is a NEW part. Fits Models 800, 1000, 1200 and more. Rated at 145 F. Please let me know if you have any questions. This is what I am here for; many suppliers do not even know what they are selling... I am proud of being able to help you! I only sell commercial q ...  More $17.9
    • Gas Furnace L120 Hi Limit Disc Switch Coleman/Goodman/Pellet Stoves, fits many..

    • Disc Hi Limit Switch L160 Manual Reset Gas Pellet Stoves Furnace + Instructions

    • L250-40 Electric Furnace Gas Wood Stove High Limit Snap Disc Switch +Instruction

    • Earth Stove ENERGY SAVER Low Limit Disc Switch repl. #11565 F110 + Instructions