• WHITFIELD QUEST AUGER FEED MOTOR - 1 RPM CW [XP7000] - H5886 - 12046300

      eBay REPLACEMENT AUGER MOTOR FOR WHITFIELD - LENNOX (IHP) PELLET STOVES This is a replacement auger motor for WHITFIELD & LENNOX Pellet stoves that use a 1 RPM CW motor. It has a 3/8" x 1" shaft with a mill flat on it. Every motor is run checked and sound tested at the factory for noise level to make sure that they meet quality control standard ...  More $66.99
    • Whitfield Cascade Pellet Stove Low Limit Switch F140 12150080 3104 +Instructions

      eBay Universal replacement for a large variety of Gas & Electric Furnaces, Pellet Stove and Air Handlers, substitute a number of high priced replacement parts - 3/4" diameter Fits Pellet stove models like Austroflamm Avalon Breckwell - Earth Stove Envirofire Englander Lennox Whitfield and many moreIf you can't shut your stove off or your stove ...  More $16.95
    • Whitfield Advantage Pellet Stove Pressure Switch sensor 12145903 + Instructions

      eBay This new Whitfield Vacuum Pressure Switch #12145903 comes FREE Tips, Troubleshooting Instructions and a neat bag with Hardware and two new Hose Clamps - courtesy of ApplianceAndAir Stove parts will get less reliable as time passes, especially vacuum switches. The vacuum pressure switch and hose become stiff and cracked from aging and heat, cau ...  More $49.95
    • Whitfield Pellet Firebrick Cerra Herringbone Advantage II, II-T, III - 12146500

      eBay Whitfield Pellet Stove Firebrick Advantage II 2 Watch This Video!!! $119.97
    • Whitfield Quest Cerra Board Firebrick Herringbone (Oval) 13646500

      eBay Whitfield Firebrick Cerra Board for Quest Watch This Video!!! $64.95
    • Whitfield Pellet Firebrick Cerra Advantage Plus Herringbone - 11750015

      eBay Whitfield Pellet Stove Firebrick Advantage Plus Watch This Video!!! $119.95
    • Whitfield Pellet Firebrick Cerra Board for Quest Plus Herringbone - 17250029

    • Whitfield Pellet Stove Firebrick Cerra Board for Cascade Herringbone - 17150025

    • WHITFIELD ENDPLATE UPGRADE & NYLATRON BEARING 12153900 - 13650072 - 13052000

    • Whitfield Pellet Firebrick Cerra Profile 30 and Optima 3 Herringbone - 14750015