• Osburn / Drolet Pellet Stove Limit Switch L250 #44059 Auto Reset + Instructions

      This is a BRAND new L250 auto reset limit switch 1/2" for Osburn and Drolet Pellet Stoves (SBI part #44059). Fits the following models: Osburn Pellet Stoves: Hybrid 35MF Hybrid 45MF Drolet Pellet Stoves: Eco 35 Eco 45 Eco 65 The L-250 automatic high temperature switches are located on the top and bottom of the auger housing. If the temperature rise ...  More $17.9
    • QuadraFire 1100i Pellet Stove Limit Switch Kit SRV230-0470/0071/0080 +Instructio

      This is a complete set of Limit switches for Quadra-Fire 800 and 1100i pellet stoves. This set includes: Snap Disc #1 (Convection Blower) SRV230-0470 Snap Disc #2 (Disk High Limit) SRV230-0071 Snap Disc #3 (High Limit - manual reset) SRV230-0080 Fits the following stoves: Quadra-Fire 800 and 1100i (insert) Stove parts will get less reliable as time ...  More $43.95
    • Sterling Beacon Morris J11R08365-002 High Limit Switch FREE Ship + Instructions

      Please let me know if you have any questions. This is what I am here for; many suppliers do not even know what they are selling... I am proud of being able to help you! I only sell commercial quality parts - guaranteed to be brand-new - at a very affordable price Do you need an introduction about how Limit Switches work and how to Check and replace ...  More $39.95
    • L160 Manual Reset High Limit Snap Disc Safety Switch Fast Shipping +Instruction

      MANUAL RESET. This temperature sensor has a red reset button in the center. It stops the power supply in case of overheating. It requires a manual reset to allow resuming power. A manual reset limit switch operates like a regular limit switch. But, after reaching the designated limit temperature, the switch will stay in OFF position until a technic ...  More $24.95
    • 47-25118-01 Rheem Ruud Hi Limit Switch L160 Manual Reset Gas Furnace Instruction

      Exclusive & FREE - Tips, Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide INCLUDED with your purchase! (Courtesy of Appliance and Air copyright ) This listing is for a BRAND NEW Hi Limit Control Switch L160 manual reset. This temperature sensor has a red reset button in the center. The White Rodgers part # is 3L02-160 or part # F77-6354 This Limit Switch ...  More $19.95
    • Earth Stove ENERGY SAVER Low Limit Disc Switch repl. #11565 F110 + Instructions

      GOOD to KNOW: Choose a adjustable blower switch with a setting around 90 to 130F if you would like to save energy. It won't do any good if your blower switch is waiting until your stove reaches 140F to 180F heat before the room blower runs! All the pleasant warmth already got out the chimney before... This is the reason why we sell our switches wit ...  More $19.95
    • Disc Limit Switch Goodman Janitrol Intertherm Nordyne L160 B13701-87+ Instructio

    • Osburn Drolet Pellet Stove Limit Switch L250 #44041 Manual Reset + Instructions

    • NEW L160 Limit Switch Pellet Stove Gas Electric Heater Furnace Fireplace +Instr.

    • QuadraFire CB1200 Pellet Stove Limit Switch Kit SRV230-0900/0910/1290 +Instruct.