• York Coleman Tridelta Air Pressure Switch FS6072A-2068 024-26038-000 .40

      This is a BRAND NEW Gas Furnace Air Pressure Switch. It is made for Luxaire/York/Coleman systems and the part # is 024-27632-001. It also is a direct replacement for all the part #s listed below. It is rated at -0.40" W/C with One Hoses and Two Wiring terminals. Thanks for looking and good luck! This switch replaces these part numbers: 024-26038-00 ...  More $29.99
    • Pressure Switch Tridelta PPS10033-2269

      This is a good used single stage pressure switch Tridelta model # PPS10033-2269. This switch was tested and works perfectly. If you need this switch you may need it quickly. I will ship immediately after payment clears. Contact me if you have any questions or need overnight delivery. I will warranty this part. $38.0
    • Tridelta ICP FS6706-1387 Pressure Switch 1093435 .65"

      This is a BRAND NEW Heil/Tempstar/Inner City Products (ICP)/Comfort Maker Gas Furnace Air Pressure Switch!! The Part # is 1093435 (also HQ1093435TR) (Tridelta Model # is FS6706-1387). Switch is rated at .65" and has 2 wiring terminals and two hose ports. It works on many Heil/Tempstar/ICP/Comfort Maker gas furnaces!! Thanks for looking and good luc ...  More $34.99
    • O.E.M. Trane Tridelta Air Pressure Switch SWT1599 SWT01599

      This is An OEM Part Designed For Specific Trane American Standard Equipment Only 2 Wires 1-Hose OEM Furnace Pressure Switch (Trane) THE CNT03671 REPLACES ALL PART NUMBERS LISTED BELOW AND IS THE PART YOU WILL RECEIVE. OEM Factory Direct Pressure Switch (Trane)Part Specifications: W.C.: 3" Max Volts: 24 VAC FLA: 3 LRA: 18 Contacts: Snap Acting Type: ...  More $32.95
    • Tridelta FS4066 B-11801-05 Furnace Air Pressure Switch

      This is a BRAND NEW Tridelta Gas Furnace Air Pressure Switch. The Tridelta Model # is FS4066 (also part # B-11801-05 ). Switch has two wiring terminals and one hose port. Thanks for looking and good luck! $19.99
    • OEM Furnace Tridelta Janitrol Furnace Air Pressure Switch FS6798-1664 -0.85 PF

      This is a BRAND NEW Gas Furnace Air Pressure Switch. Part # is 9371VO-HS-0005 and it is rated at -.85" W/C. It is the OEM Replacement for the Old Metal Tridelta Switch with part # FS6798-1664- used in many Goodman/Janitrol/Amana Furnaces. Thanks for looking and good luck! Many older switches are metalic, but they have all been updated/replaced with ...  More $29.99
    • TRIDELTA PPS10007-2116 Air Pressure Switch HK06WC088

    • PPS10008-2173 - Tridelta ICP Heil Tempstar Furnace Air Pressure Switch .50"

    • Nordyne Miller Honeywell Tridelta Furnace Air Pressure Switch FS6741-1507 -1.18

    • Tridelta ICP FS6015-684 Air Pressure Switch HQ1005251TR Heil Tempstar CGK050